What I Do

Career Oriented Jobs:

AME (A&C) Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Airframe and Engine at Indian Aerospace and Engineering

Approved by Director General of Civil, Aviation, Mumbai.




  • Assisted in transit inspection as per approved transit task card.
  • Assisted in daily inspection schedule as approved DI schedule.
  • Assisted in weekly inspection as approved WI schedule.
  • Assisted in a check (750fh block check) as per approved schedule.
  • Assisted in carrying component replacement and snag rectification.


Computer Maintenance and Repair

  • Have excellent knowledge of hardware assembling and software installing.

Plus the greater part of my different engages, the abilities have picked up in workstation repair and support have been self-educated. I have an energy to help those in need and in spite of the fact that I need to help individuals settle their machines, I additionally need to encourage show them how to do it themselves, assuming that they are interested in studying. Then again, I am totally fit for doing it myself.

I am gifted in the zones of malware evacuation, index reinforcement and synchronization, online security, cleanup and evacuation of old or unneeded documents, and customer instruction.

Website Development

Have knowledge of IT – Web Development/ Programming, Web Systems

Administration (Apache, Linux, Unix, MySQL, PHP, Subversion), Database Design and Query Optimization, Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Online Business Development, Marketing and Market Research, Technical and Creative Writing.

I have barely as of late gotten into building sites fueled through WordPress. I have built this one all on my own, with just a few tips from some supportive companions. I am finishing up two different sites at the minute and want to have them totally constructed by the closure of this hot time of year. In the event that you might like an expert site constructed, don’t hesitate to contact me with respect to cost and time. Seeing that I am still new to this part of engineering, it will be less costly, yet I guarantee you that it won’t seem as though somebody who didn’t realize what they were doing built it.

Social Media

Social Media is a huge investment of mine. I have a record with practically each informal community out there, if its prevalent or not. Social Media requires persistent training and sort of a studying bend to ace. I study new things each day in the realms of blogging, Twitter and Google+. That said, I do feel that I have a robust comprehension of how it functions and have advanced numerous abilities that are helpful to you.